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A Message from our Founder and CEO: MeWe is now CoInspect

Manik Suri on Sep 15, 2017 12:27:49 AM
Manik Suri


I’m excited to announce that, beginning today, we are renaming our company CoInspect.

Many of you already know and use our CoInspect application regularly.  We’re excited to build on that experience and embrace the spirit of cooperation and collaboration that lies at our roots.

We are huge believers in inspections. Yes, we said it. We love inspections. But the word “inspection” has negative connotations: a long task that’s boring and painful.

Around the world, millions of inspections are done daily. Everything gets inspected: from restaurants and factories to parks and homes.  We believe these inspections are vital to the health of our communities and the safety of products we use every day. Our mission is to change the paradigm behind inspections -- in order to make them faster, easier and more fun.

CoInspect is inspired by the idea that a community of users who collaborate and perform continuous inspections will ensure consistent excellence.

At CoInspect, we’re harnessing the power of technology, from mobile software to smart sensors, to achieve this vision.  Our tools are designed to be:

  • Easy to use by team members at all levels of an organization
  • Fast and flexible for daily, continuous use
  • Streamlined and automated to ensure consistency

Today, I’m excited to say our tools are used across national restaurant chains, manufacturers, and government agencies.  We are partnering with leaders who recognize that creating a community of continuous and collaborative inspection -- a CoInspect community -- is the pillar of operational excellence.

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We are hugely grateful for your support and thrilled to partner together as we build the CoInspect community!

All my best,

Manik Suri
Founder & CEO

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