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CoInspect Goes Continuous: 24/7 Equipment Temperature Monitoring

Manik Suri on Jul 15, 2019 7:05:00 AM
Manik Suri

Walk-in Freezer

Time and Temp Issues Are Expensive

Imagine this scenario:  Your restaurant loses power overnight.  When your General Manager (GM) opens the restaurant the next morning, she finds the walk-in fridge is not working, and she has no idea how long it’s been down.  There’s no way to tell exactly what time the power went out, or whether food product has been out of temperature range for more than 4 hours (the “danger zone”).  The GM is forced to throw out thousands of dollars’ worth of product to avoid possible food safety issues.  To make matters worse, now your staff doesn’t have the items they need for the popular special you’re running this month.

Restaurant operators deal with issues like this all the time.  In fact, over 85% of restaurant operators say they throw out food product at least once a year because of equipment failures.  Yet fewer than 5% of restaurants are using automated sensors to track temperatures today.  This represents a major opportunity.


Putting the "Continuous" in CoInspect

I'm excited to announce that CoInspect has developed a powerful solution: continuous equipment monitoring sensors

CoInspect's new 24/7 equipment sensors are more reliable, affordable and easy-to-use than any other solutions available.  In an industry with tight margins and rising competition, our automated temperature sensors offer restaurant operators a vital solution to eliminate expensive product loss and ensure brand protection.


Barriers to Adoption? Not Anymore 

Why haven’t restaurants adopted sensors? There are a few reasons:

  • Lack of awareness:  Many operators don’t realize that 24/7 temperature monitoring sensors are already deployed in healthcare, transportation and logistics -- providing tremendous improvements in product loss and brand protection.
  • Mistaken belief that sensors are too expensive:  Most operators (especially with smaller restaurants and independents) fear they wouldn’t be able to afford digital sensors.  But CoInspect's sensors are 70% less expensive than competitors and are sold as “Sensors as a Service” – so there’s no expensive upfront costs for purchasing hardware.   This allows restaurants to make subscription payments the way they do for laundry, payroll, or other monthly expenses. 
  • Fear of change:  Many operators worry that digital sensors will be complicated and overwhelming to set up and use.  In reality, our sensor installation is fast and easy with “CoInspect sensor kits” that take minutes to self-install.

Restauranteurs often say that time and temperature controls are among the most pressing issues in their kitchens

CoInspect's state-of-the-art continuous equipment temperature sensors solve these issues.  Our temp sensors can be installed in minutes in areas where equipment monitoring is necessary, such as freezers, walk-ins, and low boy coolers.  Our sensors are scalable (can be used in one location or deployed across an entire chain), reliable (with real-time alerts and data available anytime, anywhere), configurable (allow managers to set thresholds for time and temp), and smart (configurable time thresholds help differentiate between a routine cleaning and true equipment failure).

Request a demo to see how our 24/7 equipment sensors can keep your food fresh and your guests safe.


Key Benefits of Continuous Monitoring

CoInspect's continuous equipment temperature sensors offer operators many benefits:

  • Improve food safety:  Our 24/7 sensors ensure that equipment is working properly, continuously monitor temperatures, and provide proactive alerts to any temp issues that could create food safety risks.
  • Reduce product loss:  By monitoring freezers, walk-in coolers and other equipment around the clock – and receiving real-time alerts for any breach in the system – restaurants can eliminate expensive product loss due to equipment failures between shifts or overnight.
  • Elevate operations:  Human errors are common in restaurant kitchens.  Perhaps the staff forgot to check the temperature of walk-in fridges and reach-in drawers, took food temperatures improperly (or not at all), or inadvertently left the walk-in cooler door open, causing food temps to fall into the danger zone.  Our sensors eliminate labor-intensive tasks and prevent mistakes that can cause expensive product loss and make guests sick.
  • Rapid response & less downtime:  Delays in noticing an equipment failure can slow down service time, limit menu items available during a shift, and negatively impact the guest experience.   Our automated temperature sensors alert operators in real-time, enabling a maintenance team to respond rapidly and avoid downtime.

In addition to being more affordable and accessible, CoInspect's state-of-the-art digital sensors are more reliable as well.  Our sensors incorporate LoRa (long-range radio) technology, which provides better reliability than previous models using WiFi or Bluetooth (which often can’t penetrate back-of-house environments).  And our restaurant-ready “DIY sensor kits” make them quick and easy to self-install.


Why the Best Brands Are Going Continuous 

The most profitable and fastest-growing restaurant brands are deploying 24/7 equipment sensors to streamline and elevate their operations.  CoInspect's continuous monitoring reduce human errors, eliminate product loss, and strengthen food safety.

Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging CoInspect's low-cost, reliable, and easy-to-install sensors in your restaurants.  With zero upfront costs, there’s no better time to get started.

Today's leading brands are deploying continuous equipment monitoring sensors -- don't miss out.  For more information on how CoInspect's sensors can help you eliminate product loss and improve food safety, request a demo today.


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