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MeWe CoInspect Selected to Help Manage Environmental Health Inspections Across New York State

Manik Suri on Jun 13, 2016 9:49:18 AM
Manik Suri

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NEW YORK: June 13, 2016 -- The New York State Department of Health has selected MeWe CoInspect to help manage data collection and analysis for the state’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Primary Prevention Program (CLPPPP). In this program, MeWe will deliver innovative technology to improve regulatory workflow, environmental health management, and housing inspections across New York state.

New York State’s Department of Health has served the state for over 100 years, and has earned a reputation as a progressive and motivated government agency. Health inspectors across 15 counties will use MeWe’s CoInspect software to inspect and document lead-related issues in homes in order to improve the health and safety of its citizens.

MeWe was selected by the National Center for Healthy Housing as a technology partner on this project due to their combination of regulatory, software, and analytics capabilities.

Manik Suri, CEO of MeWe said, “We really believe that citizens will benefit from digital-friendly governments that are ready to adopt modern technology tools to better serve their citizens. Government innovation represents the best of public and private sector collaboration. When done well, such initiatives make our communities safer and better for everyone.”

About MeWe

MeWe is a technology company that builds mobile software to streamline quality, safety, and compliance. Based in San Francisco, MeWe works with leading public and private sector organizations nationwide to help improve the health and safety of our communities. To learn more, visit us at

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