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MeWe CEO, Manik Suri, Recognized as 2016 Legal Rebel by the American Bar Association

Manik Suri on Sep 8, 2016 7:51:34 AM
Manik Suri


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MeWe is delighted to announce that our CEO, Manik Suri, has been recognized as a Legal Rebel by the American Bar Association (ABA). The Legal Rebel recognition celebrates women and men who are remaking their corners of the legal profession. The ABA Journal and its readers have found ample evidence of innovative thinking and forward action.

I'm honored to be recognized for our efforts to improve health and safety by modernizing how industry and government work -- and proud of the incredible people I’ve worked with at MeWe and GovLab,” says Suri.

Food service safety and revamping government may have little in common, but they show up as just part of the resumé for lawyer-entrepreneur Manik Suri.

A co-founder of the Governance Lab, which is out to improve how government works through “open and collaborative problem-solving,” Suri now leads MeWe, a company with an app focused on food-service regulation and compliance through mobile applications.

His experiences as a White House intern showed him that government could be more efficient, and technology would play a large role. “We saw social and commercial technology that changed the way we do everything,” says Suri, 33, a 2011 White House intern with the National Economic Council. “And in government, we saw the opportunity to do more in that space.”

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