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MeWe Helps Reinvent the Restaurant at IDEATE!

Manik Suri on Apr 25, 2016 8:10:22 AM
Manik Suri

We were excited to join the conversation at the IDEATE Conference in Boston earlier this month, along with a group of food innovators passionate about disrupting how food is produced, shared, and consumed!

Food entrepreneurs, chefs, investors and foodies alike gathered in Boston because of its strong community of innovators and intellectual leaders.  Our team at MeWe has strong ties to Boston -- we were founded at Harvard and work with many businesses around New England.

Opening and running a restaurant is an expensive venture, and the conversation at IDEATE focused on how technology tools can transform the restaurant industry.

Building on our discussion at IDEATE, below are some key takeaways on how MeWe’s CoInspect application can help restaurant owners and operators.

CoInspect helps restaurants save money.

MeWe CoInspect is a mobile application that can be used with any mobile smart device as a resource for standardizing quality and safety operations.  MeWe’s “Checklist Library” consists of hundreds of quality, safety, best practices, and operational checklists that make employee training easy and help restaurants reduce costs associated with fines, fees, and third-party audits.

CoInspect enables restaurants to increase efficiency and improve quality.

The CoInspect dashboard helps restaurateurs assign and manage operational workflow, allowing restaurant managers and chefs to act as “data-traders.”  Managers and chefs can cut operational inefficiencies, including the time it takes to conduct inspections and internal audits in half, by easily gathering insightful analytics on worker productivity, performance, and training.  Chefs use CoInspect to make sure operations are efficient and food is fresh, safe, and made the same every day.

We’re grateful to the team at Branchfood for hosting IDEATE, as well as to all of the sponsors and speakers who made the event so great.  

Thank you for inviting us to join and help reinvent the restaurant!


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