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MeWe Joins Foodbytes! Summit

Manik Suri on Mar 18, 2016 2:10:22 PM
Manik Suri


Evan Goldberg of MeWe, Inc. explains how his company’s mobile application, CoInspect, is at the forefront of helping food businesses comply with complex health and safety regulations and is increasing operational efficiency along the way.  PHOTO Courtesy of Myles Weissleder and FoodBytes! by Rabobank

NEW YORK – MeWe was delighted to attend the Foodbytes! Summit in Brooklyn last week, where we were invited to pitch and showcase our CoInspect application to more than 250 people!

Foodbytes! is an annual form that brings together leading tech startups, innovators, retailers and investors who are disrupting the food and agriculture space. Foodbytes! hosts summits in Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Boulder each year.     

Reflecting on the event, it’s clear that food safety and quality were central topics of conversation. Food recalls and outbreaks are constantly making headlines, and recent issues at household brands like Blue Bell and Chipotle are top of mind for many businesses today.

At MeWe, we’ve build a mobile software to help food businesses manage safety, quality, and compliance. We know that owners and operators can’t be everywhere at once. But CoInspect can – ensuring that organizations maintain exceptional quality and safety standards every day.

Our CoInspect app helps businesses streamline food safety and quality management in several ways:

  • No More Paper and Pencil Audits: Dictate notes, take high-resolution photos, and create faster and more reliable audit reports instantly on any mobile device
  • Pre-Loaded Quality and Compliance Checklists: Access 100+ customizable forms and checklists for brand standards and compliance needs (FDA, USDA, FSMA and more)
  • Real-Time, Centralized Management: Track store performance, get critical alerts, and give employees real-time feedback to standardize operations across all locations
  • Faster Employee Training and Onboarding: Access training videos, images, and websites to speed up training for new and current employees

At MeWe, our team is helping businesses manage quality and safety issues ranging from FSMA compliance and workplace safety to HACCP and time and temperature logs. To learn more, check us out at

We’re grateful to the organizers of the Foodbytes! Summit in Brooklyn for this incredible opportunity to pitch and present!

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