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Mobile Tools for Streamlining Restaurant Inspection Compliance

Aaron Cohen on Jan 10, 2019 6:01:32 PM
Aaron Cohen

Restaurant inspections are necessary but can be time-consuming and unorganized, particularly because nearly 90% of American restaurants use paper as their core technology. Restaurant inspection apps enable managers and owners to streamline the process and make it easier for the already digitally savvy millennials.

Restaurants are switching to apps like CoInspect to make day-to-day tasks and data management easier and more efficient. As the pace of restaurant management only grows more complex, the future of task management and health compliance is with mobile apps.

Measuring and Maintaining Compliance

It's important that restaurants maintain compliance at all times not only for the occasional health inspection but also for the health and safety of their customers. Online apps allow for easy monitoring of temperature and even allow connectivity with Bluetooth-enabled thermometers.
When food is left out too long or stored at improper temperatures, employees are inviting foodborne illnesses. Customers can become sick or even die if the illness is severe enough.

Employees can input the information into the app. You have a record of the information and can access it from almost anywhere. Don't leave your food safety to chance and keep track with an online app.

Checklists Ensure Protocols Are Used from the Start

Employees are not robots and make mistakes. It's difficult to remember cleaning routines completely, especially when they're just starting out. With apps like CoInspect, you can create checklists that they will follow.

You'll know exactly what they've done and when they did it. Checklists are easy to create and give your employees a roadmap of activity. They can cover cleaning, compliance tasks and more. You can create your own checklists or download templates for everyone to use.

You have enough on your plate as a restaurant manager or owner. Restaurant inspection apps make your life, and that of your employees, easier.

Handling Potential Problems

When you have many people working behind the scenes from cooks to servers, there's going to be an occasional problem. As a manager, you might not be right there to handle it. You could be helping another customer or in your office.

Apps like CoInspect give your employees access to you when needed. Is there an equipment malfunction or unruly customer? An app lets your employees contact you. You can also use it to help limit problems by setting up best practices and making sure everything is handled correctly by using the app.

Managing Inspections On-the-Go with Your Smart Phone

Inspections are a necessary part of being a restaurant manager, especially if you cover several restaurants in different areas. An app lets you prepare ahead of time, bring up past inspections information and highlight problem areas as well as the place they excel.
If a restaurant doesn't do well in an inspection, then you have access to the data and can set up a follow-up. You can make sure they're fixing the problems. Paperwork can get lost, but cloud-based data is always available.

Restaurant inspection apps are a necessity because they let you access information anywhere. Your mobile device becomes an information hub for all your restaurants. Did an employee work diligently and make a big impact? Flag him for possible promotion.

There are so many reasons why managers use a restaurant inspection app. If you want to learn more, then feel free to explore our site.

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