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Motivating Millennials with Mobile

Aaron Cohen on Dec 12, 2017 5:42:10 AM
Aaron Cohen



Millennials love their mobile devices. Are you leveraging that passion in the workplace with mobile productivity tools?

Millennials comprise the largest demographic in the restaurant workforce. You’d bet a lot of your wealth that they all carry smartphones. Yet, unlike the white-collar world, almost none of them use that device for work beyond scheduling. What about training? Operations? Compliance?

Counting frozen patties in the Walk-In, recording numbers on a clipboard and then sitting down at the office’s sole computer to record those same results in a spreadsheet takes operations back into the digital dark ages. It’s inefficient and impractical, and it’s also… well, miserable.   

In a PWC report, Millennials at Work, 59% of millennials said the use of state-of-the-art technology at the workplace was an important consideration when looking for a job. But digital is more than just a workplace perk for restaurant employees. PWC’s report also found that for 78% of millennial employees, access to the technology they like to use resulted in them being more effective in the workplace. Digital isn’t just driving work satisfactionit’s also responsible for productivity.

“1 in 3 millennials would prioritize a job offer that gave them mobility, flexibility and digital freedom” -Brett Dixon

This generation is so mobile, in fact, that “1 in 3 millennials would prioritize a job offer that gave them mobility, flexibility and digital freedom,” writes Brett Dixon. A 2016 Economist Intelligence Unit survey uncovered similar findings, reporting that 60% of employees were more productive when they used mobile technology. Nearly half, at 45%, said that mobile allowed them to be more creative. Restaurant operators should pay close attention to these findings and develop a strategy to integrate digital technology to streamline operations and reduce employee turnover.

The benefits reach beyond engaged employees. From an operations perspective, digital technology offers game-changing opportunities for restaurant owners. A move to digital can streamline and standardize compliance, quality assurance, reporting, and analysis, improving communication and efficiency. Adoption of these digital trends empowers Millennial employees to work in their element, enhancing innovation. These changes free up valuable time for owners and managers, creating a smooth end-to-end process that increases productivity, accuracy, and profit while reducing operational costs.  

Digital technology is inarguably reshaping the restaurant industry, from mobile ordering to tablet menus to wireless table-side payment. Integration of these technologies improves speed and accuracy while enabling staff to heighten their focus on attentive customer service, with movement toward running the perfect shift, every shift.

In every industry, digitization is quickly changing how customers interact with businesses for the better. But a shift toward the industrial internet is also exponentially growing—a movement toward the digitization of internal operations.

If the implementation of Millennial-led mobile technology isn’t a focus of your business model, it’s time that it should be.

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